Welcome to the Geography blog from RBC Inc. This blog gives me a place where I can organize my thoughts on Geography, Mapping, GIS, GPS, and any and all related links that I find around the web.  If you take our course and want to stay relevant in the world of maps, or maybe you just like geography, this blog is for you (RSS).

Robin B. Clark Inc. offers a sophisticated GIS course where we teach you how to use your own cell phone GPS (or other) in combination with powerful, open-source, software (QGIS) to make awesome visualizations. Some topics covered in the course:

  • Recording GPS data
  • Uploading that data
  • Editing that data
  • Projections
  • Points, Lines, Polygons
  • Digitizing
  • Georeferencing
  • Map elements

We aim to take people beyond the level of the “casual mapper” or the “Google earth enthusiast” to a place where powerful maps can be created with ease. There seems to be a notion that GPS and GIS are too expensive and too specific for the general public. This myth is only part of what we hope to change through our course.

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