Interactive World Map of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

This map shows instances of people who have contracted a completely preventable disease. The increased occurrences of these diseases is pretty shocking since we have developed a method to NEVER get them. These diseases have been fully abated due to the ingenuity and research of hard working scientists, unfortunately though due to misinformation or fear of the unknown not everyone is on board. I don’t really buy the whole “it’s just not natural” bit either, I mean there are countless things that I use on a daily basis that I don’t understand (what’s in a coke really?) and if you can’t trust doctors, then you’re probably living a pretty scared life. Anyway, check out the interactive map, it’s a little terrifying:

vaccine-preventable outbreak map

I would like to know what the rates of some of these diseases were before the year 1998, when Andrew Wakefield published a fraudulent report claiming there is a link between Autism and the Measels, Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine (there is nothing proven about a link between the two). He has since been barred from practising medicine due to the four counts of dishonesty in his paper, but the misinformation as a result of this, and not to mention the conspiracy theorists who continue to confuse the less informed is a total mess.

An good map tells you something you weren’t aware of before, and this one tells me that a shocking amount of people are very naive. 


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