5 UNBELIEVABLE Things To Do With Your Left Hand Before You Turn 30, First You’ll Be Shocked, Then You’ll Be Inspired

A lot of people are right handed, leaving many to ponder the question “what’s the other one for anyway?”

These 5 life hacks are guaranteed to make your day go by 5 times faster, giving you time to read the rest of my blog and subscribe to receive future posts.

#5. Check the time

Improper use of a wrist watch

Lots of right handed people wear a watch for telling the time these days, especially since cell phones are too cumbersome and you can’t rely on “Apple” to tell the truth about where the sun is. Try putting the watch on your left hand, it’ll make using a pencil a lot less cumbersome, and you’ll be able to check the time while jotting down that new manifesto on the bus.

#4. Cut paper twice as fast

Super fast cuts with two pairs at once

Buy yourself a pair of left-handed scissors, you wont believe how much paper you can cut by using two pairs at the same time. That’s four blades working for you, making your daily paper cutting four times as quick. Recycling is now a breeze, thank me later 😉

#3.  Brush your teeth

The old way to do it.

This one is a no brainer. Brushing your teeth with your left hand frees up your right hand to do all the flossing, and since a toothbrush isn’t hand-specific (flossing is) you’ll be out of the bathroom in no time. ***PRO TIP: Use floss-sticks for a 15% time savings***

#2. Get a cool tattoo

A look that will never get old (and isn’t already either).

Instead of walking around with a boring left hand, why not jazz it up a little? Everyone likes a classic so stick to the asian characters, or generic stars. All of a sudden you’ll have something to talk about while other people embarrassingly hide their plain skin pigment left hand.

#1. Learn to snap

Regain the lost art of left hand snapping.

It’s a well known fact that 97% of people never learn to snap the fingers on their left hand. This is because biologically speaking the right eardrum is more sensitive, so when people snap for the first time, there is a positive feedback loop due to the proximity of the fingers to the right side of the head. Take some time and practice pressing your left thumb and middle finger together. With enough pressure (and practice) your fingers will slip off of each other and produce a loud clicking noise. ***PRO TIP: Put your hand near your right ear to get the ball rolling***

Once you’ve mastered the left-hand snap, try doing it at parties, in church, and as often as possible – Trust me, people can’t resist the fun-loving noise of a left handed finger snap.

I’m not sure if these life hacks will work for left handed people as well as they will for right handed people. So if any lefties can send me a message, I’ll be glad to update my post ASAP.

Make the best of these tips, and spread the word. Left hands have gone unused for too long.


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